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VVA Pupils celebrate Diwali.. Festival of Lights...

The Pre-Primary pupils of Vidya Vikas Academy celebrated Diwali with great joy and enthusiasm. The celebration and significance of the festival was explained and discussed with the children at a special assembly held at the school campus on 20th October to mark these festivities.
A small skit on Ramayana depicting Lord Rama’s return to Ayodhya amidst ‘Diyas’ ‘lights’ were enacted by Jr.KG A & C students. Tr.Marisa and Tr.Loreta were the co-ordinators.

We, the Principal, Staff and Students at Vidya Vidya Vikas Academy wish you all a very happy and joyous DIWALI.

International Day for Older Persons Celebrated

Vidya Vikas Academy conducted a special assembly for classes 1 to 4 on 7th October to commemorate International Day for Older Persons.
The significance of this day was read out. A skit show cased how apathetic the youth can be. This was followed by a prayer service especially for the Elders.
Our school decided, to celebrate this Day with grandparents of our students, from classes 1 to 4. The Principal Dr. Alan Rodrigues, send out special invites, inviting the paternal and maternal grandparents, of these students. The grandparents were overjoyed and gave an overwhelming response. Hence we celebrated, this special day for two consecutive days – October 10th and 11th.
That evening the grandparents were welcomed by our Principal, refreshments like tea and snacks were also served. The most emotional moment was to see, the grandchildren presenting, handmade cards and flowers. The grandchildren were happy to compere the acts in the show. It began with a prayer song, later the entertainment programme like skit, dance, poems, mando, golden oldies in English, Portuguese and Konkani were performed. Some students shared their memorable moments. Some spot games were conducted and prizes were awarded.
Our students learnt to have, genuine desire to respect and be compassionate towards their grandparents and all Elder’s. Tr. Betsy co-ordinated the programme.

Maths Quiz Held

Maths Quiz was held for classes 1 to 5 on the 17th October 2011 at the V.V.A Hall. The questions were based on the regular syllabus and each round consisted of many activities. There were three groups and each group had five students (one from each division). Group A won the first prize, while group B won the second.
Group A
Ojaswi Phaldessai
Sharlet Chowalloor
Syia Ghodge
Lleyton Colaco
Group B
Om Foldesai
Shadenda Gama
Yagnesh Karwarkar
Angad Nayak
Grazielle Serrao
The Participants enjoyed all the activities conducted and actively took part in them. Tr. Joemila was the co-ordinator.

VVA wishes R.G. Kare on his Birthday

Principal, Vice-Principal, some of the staff members along with some students of Vidya Vikas Academy visited Shri R. G. Kare, President of Vidya Vikas Mandal to wish him on his Birthday, 18th October.
The staff members and students presented a bouquet of flowers on behalf of all the staff and students of VVA. The pupils expressed their love, respect and appreciation by presenting a card made by the pupils themselves. Students also sang songs, performed a dance and expressed their joy.

Debates held for Classes 9 and 10

Saturday 15th October witnessed a lively debate between students of Class 10 and 9. The proposition was 'Sex Education Should Not Be taught in School'.
Class 9 defeated the proposition valiantly but wer out numbered by Class 10. The winning team included Tahira Menezes, Valeska Faleiro, Aaron Alphonsus, Armando Alvares, Sachi Angle, Anjali Mascarenhas, Shorya Chaturvedi, Oliver D'Mello, Candice Rodrigues, Neha Alphonso.
Class 9 A and 9 B were represented by Sagorika Mazumdar, Naitik Jain, Karen Pereira, Savia Gonsalves, Jude Sales, Sarojini Fernandes, Sailee Prabhudesai, Oslen Vaz, Rochwyn Rodrigues, Kelsener Fernandes.
Tr. Andrea judged the merits of their arguments. Tr. Pamela Torcato co-ordinated the event.

Happy Birthday Sir . . .

Staff and Students of Vidya Vikas Academy wish our beloved and dearest Principal, a very Happy Birthday.

Pre-Primary Kids Celebrate Dussehra

The Pre-Primary kids of Vidya Vikas Academy conducted a special assembly to celebrate Dussehra with a special festive spirit. The children were very excited as they depicted the splendor, the rituals and the splashes of vivid colour through their ‘Garba’ and ‘Dandiya’ dances.
The highlight was the burning of the effigy of ‘Ravana’ to show that good always wins over the evil. Tr. Catrin and Tr. Suela of the Pre-Primary co-ordinated the special assembly.
We at Vidya Vikas Academy wish you all a very Happy Dussehra!


Vidya Vikas Academy in association with Lions Club of Margao, Service Trust, celebrated World Elders Day on 01st October 2011, at the G. R. Kare Auditorium, Margao.
The celebrations began with a prayer for the Senior Citizens, said by Mr. Kurade. The senior citizens also viewed a display of old artifacts and photographs of people, particularly of Margao.

The Senior Citizens presented a folk dance and a song – a lively performance which was appreciated by the children and the audience present.
The children along with the Senior Citizens played some games which facilitated a greater understanding and co-operation between the two age groups besides being a lot of fun. The children then performed a dance trained by Tr. Reshma; while children of Class 6 and 7 from the Choral Group presented a melodious rendition of old popular songs in Konkani, English and Portuguese. The students were trained by Mrs. Archana Dias and accompanied on the guitar by Mr. Neil D’Cruz.
The children and the Senior Citizens then joined hands together in a circle as they sang together ‘You will never grow old”.

The Senior Citizens were over whelmed with emotion and were very appreciative of the efforts of the Principal, Dr. Alan Rodrigues, Staff and Students of Vidya Vikas Academy, Mrs. Grace Kare and Dr. Celso Fernandes of Lions Club. They also hoped for many more such opportunities to interact with the students. Mrs. Velia De Souza and Mrs. Archana Verma assisted with arrangements for the programme.

VVA participates in the Shakespeare Festival at Chowgule College

Students of Vidya Vikas Academy were invited by Chowgule College of Arts & Science, Margao to participate in The Shakespeare Festival 2011, on 1st October. This festival is in its second year of production.
Graham Alphonsus won the first place in the Elocution Event - "Friends, Romans, Countrymen" on the topic on the topic "Blake as a poet." Daniel Ferreira Alvares won second place in the Soliloquy event with his rendition of Jacques' Seven Stages of Man from As You Like It. Sagorika Mazumdar recited Wordsworth's "Daffodils' (The Bard). In "Steal -A - Scene from Shakespeare", our students performed an abridged version of Act I from As You Like It.
Oliver De Mello (10A), Naitik Jain (9A), Sagorika Mazumdar (9A), Kinjal Vernekar (9A), Jude Sales (9A), Karthika Pai Vernekar (9 B), Daniel Ferreira Alvares (8B) and Tarun Mascarenhas(8A) performed their roles enthusiastically. Teacher Pamela Torcato trianed and accompanied the students. Appreciate Karen Pereira and Savia Gonsalves for their assistance.